Tours & Trails Pennsylvania Avenue Heritage Trail (By Reservation Only)

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Pennsylvania Avenue Heritage Trail Tour (By Reservation Only)

Explore Baltimore's historic African American neighborhood. Visitors explore Baltimore's civil rights legacy, stroll past a rich tapestry of residential and church architecture, and learn about Pennsylvania Avenue's special place in history as one of the nation's premier African American entertainment districts.

Group tours (6 or more people) are available by reservation only. Contact Kenyona Moore to arrange your tour today - or by calling 410-878-6411. The tours begin at the Lillie Carroll Jackson Civil Rights Museum located at 1320 Eutaw Place and conclude near the Upton Metro Station. Advance reservations are required for tour and admission to the Lillie Carroll Jackson Civil Rights Museum.

A free map and guide of the Pennsylvania Avenue Heritage Trail is available at the Baltimore Visitor Center located at 401 Light Street at the Inner Harbor.