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699 N Charles St

Baltimore, Maryland 21201

The Washington Monument, the centerpiece of Mount Vernon Place, was the first memorial to the nation’s first president, George Washington. Completed in 1829, it was paid for by a public lottery, as was the custom at the time. The column is a simplified version of the winning design submitted by Robert Mills (who later designed the Washington Monument in Washington, D.C.). The statue atop the monument depicts George Washington resigning his commission, an event that took place in 1783 in the Maryland State House in Annapolis. The column rises 160 feet from the ground, and the statue of Washington adds another 16 feet. The land on which the monument stands was donated by John Eager Howard, a Baltimore Revolutionary War hero. Howard’s heirs donated the land for the parks surrounding the monument.

Closed from 2010 to 2015, visitors can once again explore the gallery at the base of the monument and climb the 227 steps to the top. Visit the Mount Vernon Place Conservancy website for hours and advance reservations for the monument climb.