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Gunther Cir

Baltimore, Maryland 21202

The submarine USS Torsk was built at the at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard and was commissioned in December 1944. The vessel is one of only ten Tench class submarines to see service in World War II. Deployed to the Pacific, the Torsk operated from Pearl Harbor and made two war patrols off Japan during the spring and summer of 1945. During her first patrol, Torsk carried out plane guard duties for American aircraft engaged in bombing raids on Japan. On its second war patrol, the Torsk was credited with sinking three Japanese ships before the end of hostilities—the last enemy warships torpedoed before peace was achieved.

After World War II, the submarine alternated between duties as a training boat at the Navy's Submarine School in New London, Connecticut, and active deployments in the Atlantic and Mediterranean. In 1960, Torsk received a Presidential Unit Citation for service during the Lebanon Crisis, and in 1962 earned the Navy Commendation Medal for actions during the Cuban Blockade. Decommissioned in March 1968 with an impressive record of over 10,600 career dives, Torsk arrived in Baltimore to serve as a museum and memorial in 1972. The submarine was designated as a National Historic Landmark in 1986.

The Torsk is open daily and is one of the four vessels of the Historic Ships in Baltimore maritime museum.