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317 S Broadway

Baltimore, Maryland 21231

On March 17, 1791, the Maryland Journal and Baltimore Advertiser reported “...the Saint made his personal appearance, and honored his sons with his presence in a procession through the Town...”

In 1792, when the first Catholic parish was founded in Fell’s Point, the French outnumbered the Irish. Many early priests were French Sulpicians. Saint Patrick is said to have emigrated from Gaul to Ireland, and he was loved by both the French and Irish. Both agreed to name the church for him.

The first sanctuary was dedicated by Bishop John Carroll in 1797. Since 1806 several St. Patrick churches have stood at the northeast corner of Broadway and Bank, with the last cornerstone laid in 1897. The parish school was established in 1815 to provide free education to children of all religious backgrounds.

Site summary courtesy of the Preservation Society of Federal Hill and Fell’s Point