BNHA Macedonia Baptist Church

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Gaining Freedom for All: African American Heritage and the Struggle for Equality

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718 W Lafayette Ave

Baltimore, Maryland 21216

Macedonia Baptist Church started out in the loft of a Vincent Alley stable. Much of the credit for founding the church goes to W. Charles Lawson, Leander Jones and others, all former members of Union Church, who started with Sunday school and a prayer meeting in 1874. On September 29, 1874, a meeting was called to organize their new church. The church grew rapidly. First they remodeled the stable, replaced the floor and then installed seats.

Several prominent religious leaders from Old West Baltimore addressed the body including Rev. G.W. Sanderlin, pastor of Franklin Square Church, and Rev. Harvey Johnson of Union (Baptist) Church. On November 5, 1874, Macedonia was recognized by a council representing nine churches.