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1627 Aliceanna St

Baltimore, Maryland 21231

One of the few 18th century wooden houses left in the city, this was thought for many years to be the Leeke Academy. Recent research casts doubt as to whether Nicholas Leeke, the schoolmaster, ever owned this property or taught students at this particular address, although he did own other properties on the street and taught students at other addresses throughout Fell’s Point. Leeke was the great-great grandfather of the Dashiell Sisters, who re-purchased his house in the 1960s in his honor. They also bought Captains Hotel next door at 1629-31 Aliceanna, in which they resided.

Leeke’s beautiful daughter, Mary, caught the eye of a young sea captain, Henry Dashiell. Henry would later serve both on land and sea in the War of 1812: first in the First Marine Artillery of the Union where he helped build the fortifications at Patterson Park and later as a privateer on the Saranac.

Mary accompanied him on a honeymoon voyage, where they were becalmed, and beset by both pirates and storms. She kept a log that has survived to this day, now held in the Dashiell-Marine Collection. When Captain Henry was away at sea, Leeke helped daughter Mary oversee the building of a magnificent family home, greatly altered though still standing, at 700 S. Broadway.

Site summary courtesy of the Preservation Society of Federal Hill and Fell’s Point