BNHA Fell's Point Visitor Center


Authentic Baltimore

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Seeking Prosperity on the Chesapeake: Baltimore History from Colonial Times through the 1800s

Upholding Independence: Baltimore and the War of 1812

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Visitor Services

1724 Thames St

Baltimore, Maryland 21231

Operated by the Society for the Preservation of Federal Hill and Fell’s Point, this visitor center is a great way to start discovering the Fell’s Point neighborhood. New exhibits illustrate how Fell’s Point was the center of early Baltimore’s maritime industry and an enticing target for the British during the War of 1812.

The visitor center’s home is a unique building that is a block deep and goes all the way through to Lancaster Street. It once served as a horse-car barn where several of the city’s original public rail lines terminated. Horses and mules were stabled on the second floor, while horse cars were garaged on the first. It has since been home to a ship’s chandlery, a rope reclamation center, a performing arts group, a coffee shop, a movie theater, and a maritime salvage store. Now owned by the Preservation Society, the building houses the visitor center, an archive, and classroom space.