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Baltimore City Landmark

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1308 Beason St

Baltimore, Maryland 21230

The congregation of the German United Evangelical Christ Church formed in Locust Point in 1886, and following several mergers with other denominations, in 1972 became the Christ Evangelical and Reformed United Church of Christ (also known as Christ Church). Designed by Pastor Eduard Huber and built in 1887-88 by Fred Decker, the church is an excellent example of vernacular Gothic Revival church architecture with elements such as pointed windows and buttresses. In 1904 the church opened the Immigrant Home to assist German immigrants and seamen traveling through Baltimore. For more than one hundred years, the church has served the spiritual and social needs of Locust Point residents and is also an important landmark in the immigration history of Baltimore. The church was designated as a Baltimore City Landmark in 2007.

Source: Baltimore City Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation