BNHA 1124 Riverside Avenue


Baltimore City Landmark

Interpretive Framework

Shaping a Monumental City: The City’s Growth in the 20th Century

1124 Riverside Ave.

Baltimore, Maryland 21230

This small pair of brick houses represents the earliest and simplest form of traditional Baltimore brick rowhouses, constructed around 1800. The two residences at 1124 and 1126 Riverside Avenue are the only extant one-and-one-half-story high brick houses of their era in Baltimore City. The houses feature little ornamentation representing early vernacular design. A single door opening and window were originally located on the first floor of each house surmounted by a gable roof with central gable dormer windows. From these simple beginnings the Baltimore rowhouse evolved into larger and more elaborate structures today found throughout the city. The two dwellings have been converted into a single house. The building was designated as a Baltimore City Landmark in 1986 and contributes to the Federal Hill South National Register Historic District.

Source: Baltimore City Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation