BNHA Historic Site Plaques

Content about Historic Site Plaques

The Baltimore National Heritage Area, in coordination with the city’s Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation, manages a historic site plaque program. The plaques, common throughout the city, commemorate significant structures in Baltimore.

Structures eligible for a historic site plaque under the heritage area’s program must meet the specific criteria

The structure—

• Must be standing, and
• Located within the BNHA boundaries (see FAQ for map).

Hold one or more of the following recognitions:

• Baltimore City Landmark
• Individually listed in the National Register of Historic Places
•  “Star Attraction” along a heritage area-managed urban heritage trail

To begin the process, first contact the heritage area to ensure the structure meets the criteria outlined above. If the criteria are met, you will be asked to complete an application package that contains:

• Completed Plaque Request Form
• Check made payable to the Baltimore Heritage Area Association for 100% of the estimated cost (invoice will be provided). 
• Optional: Images of the structure/property (digital, minimum 300 dpi)

BNHA will provide the structure description and coordinate the approval of text by both the plaque’s requesting party (sponsor) and the Commission for Historical and Architectural Preservation (CHAP). BNHA will proceed with the plaque design after text approval and when all images are received. After the design work is complete, BNHA will coordinate final approval by the plaque’s requesting party and CHAP.

Sign content (text and images) must conform to BNHA’s editorial standards. BNHA reserves the right to make changes to the content for historic accuracy, relevancy, and to adhere to National Park Service standards in grammar, punctuation, and spelling.

Please allow four to six weeks for the design of the sign and approvals from all parties and an additional four weeks for sign fabrication and delivery. BNHA cannot guarantee a date for sign delivery and/or installation.

For city-owned structures, BNHA will work with the appropriate agencies on the plaque installation. 

The heritage area cannot arrange installation on privately held property.