BNHA Local muralist gives new life to BNHA mission statement

Content about Local muralist gives new life to BNHA mission statement

BNHA's mission statement mural located at the H.L. Mencken House

Days before BNHA opened the doors of their new office space within H.L. Mencken House to the public, BNHA hired local muralist Mike Ecker to design a mural for their conference room that would ensure its mission was always front and center.

Here's what Ecker had to say about the project:

What types of clients/projects do you gravitate towards, and how did BNHA align with what you seek?
Ecker: Recently, I have really been gravitating towards creating more murals! I really enjoy working with clients who see the value of my work and that can also see the power of what a mural can do. BNHA had a perfect slogan for a mural and were a fan of my style so it ended up being a great fit!

How long have you been doing this type of work?
I have been designing for 10 years now. About 5 years ago I started focusing on hand-drawn lettering and have been focusing on creating murals the last 3 years.

What did you look forward to the most when it came to this project with BNHA?
I love every step of the process. Hand-drawn type allows me to custom tailor type to the clients needs. From drawing the letters, refining in the computer, wall prep, and painting, it is all very interesting to me.

What was a fun fact about your work or this project?
Ecker: A fun fact about my work is that I didn't take an art course until I was in college!

Do you have any exciting public murals or projects that we should be on the lookout for?
This project is mostly done but I spent 10 weeks working with the University of Maryland (UMD) doing over 8,000 square ft of mural projects for the developing Discovery District of their campus. It was great to work with UMD and help them build an even better college experience!