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BNHA urban ranger Bradley Alston standing outside the Lillie Carroll Jackson Civil Rights Museum.

Bradley Alston joined BNHA’s urban rangers program three years ago because it combined two of his interests: Baltimore history and hiking. As an urban ranger, he leds guided walking tours of BNHA’s urban heritage trails which encourage residents and visitors to explore many Baltimore neighborhoods that are historically vibrant, yet less-traveled.

“One of the moments I enjoy most is when I’m wrapping up one of our heritage tours and it becomes apparent that the attendees are more enlightened about the history of our city—and sometimes even about themselves,” says Bradley. “There is so much to learn from the various ethnicities that came together to build Baltimore in addition to the struggles and pride they had in this city.”

Loosely inspired by Boston’s Freedom Walk, BNHA’s first urban heritage trail opened in 2005 and was named the Heritage Walk. In the years that followed, the heritage area established three additional urban trails: Mount Vernon Cultural Walk, Pennsylvania Avenue Heritage Trail, and Historic Fell’s Point Trail.

Bradley often serves as one of the tour guides for the Pennsylvania Avenue and Historic Fell’s Point trails. On October 6, he will offer a couple Pennsylvania Avenue tours during Doors Open Baltimore 2019. On the tour, attendees will explore the Old West Baltimore historic district which was a hub for African American arts, music, and culture in the early 1900s—as well as the home to legendary figures, including U.S. Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall and jazz singer Billie Holiday.

“When it comes to the Pennsylvania Avenue tour, one thing I would like people to take away is the agency, power, and camaraderie that African Americans garnered together during slavery, during Jim Crow, and during the Civil Rights movement.”

Interested in exploring Baltimore’s civil rights legacy and African American heritage? The Pennsylvania Avenue Heritage Trail tours are available by making an appointment at 410-878-6411. 

Also, visit in early September for more details regarding our heritage trail tours being hosted during Doors Open Baltimore on Sunday, October 6th.