Save the Date for the BNHA's latest documentary film - "Voices of a Black Butterfly"

April 06, 2022

Join BNHA on May 13th for Voices of a Black Butterfly 

What is it to survive and thrive in a city that doesn’t always acknowledge your presence and history? Voices of a Black Butterfly, the latest documentary produced by The Baltimore National Heritage Area, explores the cultural aspects of living in Baltimore, where history is both enriched and complicated by its length and its diversity. The film addresses what a heritage area is and also singles out the unique characteristics of Baltimore’s urban heritage area. Baltimore’s heritage isn’t just represented by its historic buildings or museums. This film offers a voice to the real experiences of the “black butterfly,” the city’s often disinvested Black neighborhoods. These voices remind us that each culture is worth preserving in all its facets, and that we are both defined and connected as people by the wings of Baltimore’s “black butterfly.”

Film Premiere of Voices of a Black Butterfly

Date: 5/13/22

Location: The Peale

Time: 5:30 - 7:00p

Admission: $15 Donation to Support BNHA Heritage Area Youth Initiatives

Featured Guest: Dr. Lawrence T. Brown, Author, The Black Butterfly: The Harmful Politics of Race and Space in America

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